"Keeping Up with the Khans" Episode 1 - About Page Hall, Fir Vale, Sheffield

I's not just channel 4 that's out with a new series set in the Page Hall, Fir Vale area of the City of Sheffield.

Find out in episode 1 what the Page Hall area is all about with key locations covered such as the school and the giant Northern General Hospital that's probably as large as the whole of Page Hall area itself.


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Episode 1: "About Page Hall" - https://youtu.be/ACD7Gps6fUg
Episode 2: "Where is UK?" - https://youtu.be/PRVDLkU7Des
Episode 3: "Sheffield Summer Fun for FREE" - https://youtu.be/SHPmIikLsXE
Episode 4: "Sheffoslovakia and BrExit" - http://www.youtube.com/user/WalayatFamily?sub_confirmation=1

By Anika Walayat


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